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Our Growing Process: From Seed to Your Home


Fraser firs are native to the Southern Appalachians, and we grow them with love and care on our family farm in Boone, NC. We grow Fraser firs because they are the most sought-after Christmas trees in America. They have an excellent shape, beautiful color, strong branches for decorations, soft and long-lasting needles, and a fresh, mountain fragrance.


We grow our trees from both seed and seedlings all the way to fully mature adults. Fraser firs grow very slowly--especially in their first few years as seedlings. It takes about 13 years of tending, weeding, feeding, pruning, and shearing to grow a 6 to 7 foot tree.


Once your tree has grown to the perfect size, we cut it from the field beginning around mid-November. We bail and deliver our trees as soon as they are cut, and continue to cut and deliver farm fresh trees to our lots throughout the season. With regular watering, your tree will stay lush and beautiful through the holiday season.


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