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Kubota 121.jpeg

Kubota KX121-3 

42 hp        67 inches wide

$85 per hour with experienced operator

  • 9000 pound machine, combines exceptional strength with compact size, making it the perfect machine for medium size jobs


  • Large enough to accomplish projects quickly, compact enough to get in tight areas


  • Rubber tracts allow travel over pavement or concrete


  • Front blade allows grading and smoothing site and surfaces


  • 2 bucket sizes available; 24 inch and 12 inch


  • Hydraulic thumb


  • Grading

  • Ditching

  • Digging for water lines

  • Digging basements

  • Digging septic site test holes

  • Any other medium and small jobs


Best way to contact is by email

I am frequently out of cell service, so email is most reliable.

Call or text to 828-964-7012 if you wish. 

Response will be slower, but I will get back with you.

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